About us

The Jokiel Company was founded in 1990. The founder of the poultry farm is Tadeusz Jokiel, who runs with his family the eggs wholesale, professional packaging and distribution of goods, and laying hens rearing. Our operation is run by the passion and the desire to share local products with the clients.

In 25 years we have set up co-operation with many egg trading companies in all of Poland and European Union countries, such as:

  • Germany,
  • Netherlands,
  • Czech Republic,
  • Slovakia.

All of our clients value our:

  • openness,
  • professionalism,
  • highest quality of products.

Our hens

The laying hens from which we acquire our eggs, are reared in the caged system. We also have three production facilities, in which there are 190 thousands laying hens in the enriched caged system. We take good care of hens, which results in the quality of offered products.

Our eggs

There are eggs of various size and color in our offer. We produce about 170 thousands eggs daily. When tasting our products the best taste can be felt and prepare dishes which will delght all family.

Packaging and distribution

We have our own egg packaging facility which is registered by the chief veterinary officer under the number: PL 30295901. The facility meets all conditions of the HACCP quality system. From 2006, we run our manufacturing practice in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). We keep up with the current trends to improve the quality of our products and packaging system. In 2014 we have thoroughly modernised our egg packaging facility resulting in proper sanitary conditions being met and the packaging quality is on the highest level.

The eggs produced on our farm after packaging go to the warehouse which is specially adapted to maintain the highest freshness of products. Next, the Transportation Department takes care of providing products to the client.

We have our own heavy and light goods vehicles.
Fresh eggs immediately go to the client in all of the European Union.

We invite you to familiarise with the wide offer of products available in our laying hen rearing. The freshness and perfect taste of the eggs are guaranteed!
Jokiel Poultry Farms – producer of eggs