The taste of an egg

Many factors comprise on the taste of an egg. First of all, the hen must reside in proper conditions and be healthy. In our poultry farms the rearing of laying hens is performed in accordance with global standards. The hens … Czytaj więcej

Nutritional composition of an egg

The egg consists in 90% from water. The remaining part is taken by amino acids and 1% belongs to the vitamins, mineral salts and carbohydrates. Despite that the egg is a product which has many nutritional values and positively affects … Czytaj więcej

Start the day from the egg

Egg is an extremely nutritive breakfast dish. Starting the day from scrambled eggs or omelette you can provide your body with an adequate amount protein of and energy. It is important that the egg is fresh. You can check its … Czytaj więcej

Eggs-quisite ideas

There are plenty of recipes with the use of eggs. They can be prepared for every meal. As traditional scrambled eggs or omelette for breakfast, as an addition to sandwiches and salads, and for dinner in the form of sour … Czytaj więcej